Brain-powered mood lighting.


Radiant is the first true mood lighting platform. We use data from the Muse Brain Sensing Headband to turn your brain waves into a reactive ambient lighting display.

Use it to help relax when you get home, or to understand and visualize what your brain is actually doing as you engage in different tasks. In addition to visualizing how calm or concentrated you are while doing different things, blinks and jaw clenches prompt different lighting reactions.

We built Radiant using the Muse headband and an array of LED lighting fixtures each consisting of 7x10 watt RGBW addressable LEDs. The Muse sends data over Bluetooth and the lights receive output from Radiant via a USB DMX interface.

Our software stack includes Node.js, Express, Knockout.js, CoffeeScript, Flot charts, the DMX lighting control protocol, and the OSC sensor data protocol.

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